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Yan Morala, 3D Character Artist & Digital Sculptor

by ImaginessArt

Yan Morala is a French Character Artist and digital sculptor with more than 10 years experience in the Entertainment Industry.

Specialized in high-poly and low-poly characters and creatures modeling, texturing and lighting. 

He has worked for many different studios and companies like Ubisoft, Gameloft, TAT Productions or Giant Animations on various projects as games, tv series, collectibles…

He is a versatile artist and he can work on a large palette of assets, from concepts to high-end assets.




Hello Yan! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. As you already know, IMAGINESS ART, is a website highlights the digital artists and our editorial line is the inspiration so, What is your source of inspiration for your work?


A lot of my inspiration comes from movies (Spielberg, Nolan, …), animation movies (Pixar, Disney, …) and actual sculptors like Will Harbottle, Daniel Bel or Ehren Bienert.

I’m a big fan of concept artists like Craig Mullins, Raphael Lacoste or the amazing Tonko House Studio (Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi).



yan-morala-sushininjaok-logo yan-morala-yelena-portrait

What kind of technology, technical or software do you use?


I’m always looking for new tools to improve my workflow and I’m not afraid to change the way I’m working.

I’ve been using a lot of software in my career, from Lightwave to 3dsMax, Mudbox, 3dCoat, …

Usually, I block out my characters with ZBrush, then I make the retopology work, model cleaning and UVs in Maya.

I may use Marvelous Designer for more realistic models.

For the textures, now I’m a big fan of Substance Painter! It’s an awesome tool for a non-destructive workflow!!

I’m also using Corona Render or Arnold for rendering.

It depends on the project, but I also like to use Keyshot for the concept and look development.



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 Why can your work be a source of inspiration for others?


I think my work can be a source of inspiration for others, in the way that my experiences and own inspirations are multiple and not average. 

During these ten last years, working in architecture, video-games, animated movies, collectibles or print industry gave me the ability to be versatile and find ideas and solutions everywhere.

My way to work is not regular, and I like to break the rules to achieve my work.

I’m always opened to share my experience and techniques, even my professional path is not conventional!


yan-morala- the-jungle-bunch yan-morala- the-jungle-bunch yan-morala- the-jungle-bunch


yan-morala-jelly-monsterok-logo yan-morala-knuckle-giant-kid yan-morala-rabbids-bigbang-keyart yan-morala-rabbids-land yan-morala-sniperfury-t-pose

Yan Morala website 



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