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Vladimir Petkovic a Senior 3D artist at Adobe Systems. Thanks to this technical mastery and his imagination, he is able to bring us into rich and varied worlds. What binds all this is, of course, his sense of composition, which brings a real signature to his artworks.

“My artworks can inspire young artists to make their artistic dreams come true…”

Vladimir, can you talk a little about yourself?

My career led me to diverse and unexpected experiences. Among others, I had the chance to work in the game, motion picture and retail industries. The past couple of years I’ve been immersed in the tech industry of Silicon Valley.

Currently, I am working as a Senior 3D artist at Adobe Systems in San Francisco.

In my free time, I love materializing my imagination through art. I am using 3D, illustration, and photography as a way to express myself…

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What is your source of inspiration for your work?

Usually, it’s the books I love. I am a huge fan of the Sci-Fi genre, so many of my artworks draw inspiration from there. Works of Philip K Dick, Isaac Asimov, Stanislaw Lem, Larry Niven and many more.

Neuromancer, by William Gibson and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, are probably the two books that had the greatest influence on me, as an artist. Of course, these classics serve as a base to which I am adding my personal fantasy.

What kind of technology, technical or software used for your work?

I am a 3D artist, which means I am using various pieces of software for generating and rendering 3D scenes. Some of that software include Maya, C4D, Zbrush Substance Painter, etc.

I am also using a lot of tools for photo manipulation, like Photoshop, Lightroom, etc. Whenever I am using photography in my artworks, it tends to be something I personally shot.

Why can this artwork be a source of inspiration for others?

To make my ideas a reality, I’m spending a huge amount of time setting up the composition, working on the details, and overall trying to make the scene look intriguing and worth someone’s interest. So, I am hoping that once finished, “my artworks can inspire the young artists to have the necessary will and dedication to go through similar steps (or beyond), in order to make their artistic dreams come true”. There are no results without a whole lot of effort.

2013-Cyberpunk- Vladimir Petkovic
Vladimir Petkovic

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