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Vladimir Amagachan, An abstract work based on nature

by ImaginessArt
Vladimir Amagachan


Vladimir Amagachan is a Russian digital artist based in St. Petersburg, who stands out in the category of motion design.

An abstract work based on nature, sometimes centered on the human body, shows us its experimentations, through an interview for IMAGINESS ART.




Hello Vladimir, can you tell us about you?

Well, it had begun about ten years ago when I for the first time started work as broadcast motion designer on local TV channel.

There I met talented people what else to say…

For years, I had been dreaming about it. After two years I moved to Moscow and work in very famous Russian motion design studios N3 n3design.com and NTV Design  ntvdesign.ru.

Finally, my dreams come true and I worked in very special places and got a lot of experience from there.

I was born and I live in St. Petersburg, Russia.

I have graduated from St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University and I’m working as a broadcast designer on TV channel.



Vladimir Amagachan


What is the source of inspiration for your work?

The best inspiration source is nature. All forms of beings on this beautiful planet are unique.

It’s wonderful, it’s weird, it’s sick, it’s beautiful but most important it’s alive.

We are all one big consciousness that discovers itself by many many species. So take care of each other.  🙂 


Vladimir Amagachan


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What kind of technology, technical or software do you use?

I’m working as motion designer on the TV channel for ten years.

Started by Cinema 4D and 3dsmax but from 2013 my primary software is Houdini, totally in love with this amazing piece of software.

Of course, need more time to learn this program because it’s not just a standard 3d application but in the end, you’ll be awarded by truly powerful possibilities to create and do things that the other programs can’t.


Vladimir Amagachan




Why can your work be a source of inspiration for others?

Every person is unique and art is just reflection of the inner world of each person.

So it’s interesting to discover other universes which we are truly is.






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