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The amazing collages of visual artist Tyler Spangler

by ImaginessArt


Tyler Spangler is a designer, visual artist, collagist, GIF-maker, psychology graduate and punk friend from Huntington Beach, California.

Tyler’s work focuses on the formalist relationship between images removed from their original context. He explores the connotations of color, form, and photography through the medium of digital collage.




His designs are colorful and unabashedly chaotic. Over the last two years, Tyler has created five 440 paged books filled with his own designs and worked on countless collaborations internationally.

A little anecdote, he ran an illegal punk venue for 13 shows until it got shut down by police.

Tyler currently freelances and works with clients in the music, surf, and textile industry.


What inspires you to create your works?

I am mainly inspired by feelings and emotions while listening to music.

Surfing also inspired me a lot, but I’ve moved away from the beach, so I’m using other things.

What kind of technology, technical or software do you use?

I primarily use Photoshop and sometimes Illustrator



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Why can your work be a source of inspiration for others?

I think the colors and messages are curious…

Tyler Spangler’s website

To found Tyler in Instagram


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