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TrendistaGeek, because I follow the trends of new technologies applied to art especially digital art. This is the artistic name choice I took; to feel more comfortable speaking out as a digital artist and curator, for the Imaginess.art blog for over three years.

After some three years of creating this blog, finally, I decided to present my personal work to you, although Imaginess.art is part of the same. First of all, my name is Isabel Orth and I live in France.

To begin with, I am a graphic designer by profession, specializing in branding. But I have always felt attracted to new technologies; in my time as a student, I was passionate about Photoshop and CorelDraw software. It was then that naturally; I continued to use them and add others to my library until 3d came into my life. Working in 2d is super cool, but seeing them in 3d is even better! Then, I was also interested in the creation of “web pages” (we are talking about the end of the 90s), and then the creation of websites.

The first 3d software I knew was Blender, I still use it for that matter, then I went around. One day, when buying a magazine specializing in graphics, there was a CD that contained free software, among them DAZ3d. I was won over from the start; being able to create human characters easily and quickly without spending hours sculpting them. In addition, there were landscapes and environments that could be used to create high-quality artistic works.

Over the years, I had the idea of ​​creating a website dedicated to digital art. There are blogs dedicated to art in general, they include a digital art category; but for me, digital creation deserves an entire blog. My idea was to present not only the artists’ portfolio; but also their techniques and especially their motivations for working in digital; This is how Imaginess.art was born.

After three years of presenting other artists, I decided to do the same; to present my background and the motivations that pushed me to create this blog. I relied on my knowledge and experience for the graphic design, the concept itself and the branding.

The creation of Imaginess.art is an apprenticeship, now I have become an art curator, I am always looking for novelties from several sources. If you are interested in publishing them in Imaginess. art or if you have an interesting project to suggest to me, do not hesitate to contact me. At the same time, I continue my work as a digital artist.

Currently, I am working in a project to create virtual influencer avatars. I manage their accounts and I create the content: renders, the story, clothes … the first avatar is called A.V.A6 rather a girl with a strong character, sometimes heroin, feminist living in a dystopian world. Then I created EMI n JUN, they are sisters, living in the kawaii, Kpop universe. Here too, if you have a project to propose, I am attentive and open to dialogue

Now, you know who is hiding under the nickname TrendistaGeek, a digital artist and art curator for the Imaginess.art blog.

Don’t forget to come back regularly to read the news.

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