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Thvnderkat, An alternative vision of the world to escape from reality

by ImaginessArt

I am an artist and virtual curator since 2009. In 2011 I founded Thvndermag, a blog dedicated to art and alternative fashion that moves outside of commerce.

In 2015 I continue operating from the Tumblr social network thvndermag.tumblr.com as a digital art curator.

I use this platform as a virtual art gallery to expose my favorite artists and my own work.

For a while I was experimenting with digital printing on organic media such as stone, textiles, canvases, to finally return 100 x 100 to digital.

My artistic proposal is to design the world in which I would like to live. For me, it is an escape from reality.




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 Source of inspiration for my work

My main inspiration comes from the psychedelic and surrealistic aesthetics of the 20th century.

Artists like Roger Dean, René Laloux and the Moebius comics inspired me, especially during my childhood and adolescence. Now the art that moves on the Internet, futuristic architecture, transhumanism, robotics and everything that has to do with the technology.



Technology, technique or software do I use

I use Apple computer, Cinema 4d, After Effects, Photoshop and sometimes applications like Glitché.




Why can your work be a source of inspiration for others?

I guess in the same way that I take inspiration from the artists I like, I can inspire others.

I think it’s a cycle that has always existed in art.

We all take references from others and some I suppose if they see something interesting in my work they will do it.

From my point of view that you inspire someone is the greatest privilege that can be had, but I am not aware of the extent to which I can inspire others.



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