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The Yolk Project by Ninosboombox…work that makes us think or move to an apart world

by ImaginessArt
The Yolk Project by Ninosboombox

Patrick is a singular artist, with a style as particular as his work. The Yolk Project is a work that makes us think or move to an apart world … or both! … leave him the privilege to introduce himself…


Patrick Razo  (ninosboombox)… 


I have been working  Los Angeles area, as a concept artist, costume designer,  3d modeler, 3d sculptor, illustrator, director, and fashion designer. I am a designer at Pitch dev studios as well as making personal film projects in my spare time. I try to focus on the missing part in each industry I work in and find creative ways to fill that void and bring something unexpected and unique to the project. 


He answered our usual questions, to take us to his rare and fantastic universe, both aesthetic and cold.


What is your source of inspiration for The Yolk Project?

The idea behind this project was to combine fashion modeling and 3d work. I worked with photographer Caesar Lima, we wanted to create something that would show a beauty but cold version of human modification in a future setting. 


What kind of technology, technical or software used for this project?

I used modo, zbrush, keyshot and zbrush for the 3d and post work and we used a Hasselblad X1D for the photography.



Why did you create this artwork? Reason for creating this work.

We wanted to combine many talents as a team effort to build something beautiful and unique. Something that wasn’t too typical of the sci-fi genre or too much of the conventional fashion category.


Why can this artwork be a source of inspiration for others?

Well, I hope we were able to combine worlds in a way that the outcome was something rather unique in both the concept art and photography worlds




  Ninoboombox  website 





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