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Sergii Golotovskiy is a conceptual artist. Currently, he collaborates with various video game studios as a freelancer.
he also obtained a master’s degree in architecture (town planning). That is why, mainly in his environmental concepts, he tries to combine knowledge of architecture and art – together to make certain buildings or elements appear more interesting. His favorite art theme is cyberpunk, especially environments and level-design concepts. In his spare time, he also draws in traditional media and spends a lot of time on the anatomical drawings of the figure.

cyberpunk poorandroid

The goal of my concepts is to interest the viewer in how he can interact with the environment. – Sergii Golotovskiy –

sci-fi base

What is your source of inspiration for your work?

Obviously, from some side, it’s not original because of I as a most of the people inspired by the movies, games, music, books and all the content of our human culture.

But from another side, it’s the nature and observing, observing everything that is and whats going on around us.

pyramid city
Neo Paris
pyramid ships

What kind of technology, technical or software do you use?

Mostly time I use a lot of different technics such as Photobashing, 3D bashing,  3D modeling, rendering matte painting, overpainting.

 I also use a lot of software but just as “one the most useful tool” in this way I save a lot of time and can create more stuff for example if I need to do a realistic clothing I jump to Marvelous Designer.  

If I need a quickly posing the character I go to Daz studio, if I need a solid architecture piece I go to SketchUp etc.

Also about the topic of software and technics, I think the more important skill it’s not about what program do you use, it is about how you solved the problems with that program!

blyatrunner solid
cyberpunk noname street
cyberpunk arrival

Why can your work be a source of inspiration for others?

I think people to be touched by my work because they love the mood and atmosphere, composition and lighting.  Also maybe because some of my stuff has weird things add…

Anyway, I think in the whole world we inspiring each other every fucking time and its good to see how much and how quickly the new ideas have generated by the people. It’s so insane!

cyberpunk street 02

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