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The friendly animated Gifs of motion designer Sam Burton

by ImaginessArt

Hi, my name is Sam Burton and I’m a freelance motion designer and animator. 

For the last 10 years, I have worked across a large variety of projects including animated commercials, broadcast design, music videos and pretty much everything in between. 

Whether I’m directing a TV commercial or creating a series of Gifs for a social media campaign my goal is always to craft animation that connects with its audience.

I currently live and work in London.



The inspiration for my work

I find inspiration for my work from all around. I will often see something that might trigger an idea.

I keep notes on my phone of random ideas which could one day become an animation.

I’m inspired by so many talented artists and designers from all over the world. Instagram is the obvious place to look but also various blogs, magazines, books and of course movies.


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I mainly use after effects but I’m also getting more into Cinema 4d and enjoy mixing the two.

I’ve always been a keen photographer so it’s always fun when I can incorporate photography into my work.

Cel animation is another area I would like to dive deeper into. There is still so much I want to learn, just never enough time.



It’s always very flattering when someone sends me a message to say my work has helped or inspired them.


There are so many artists out there that I follow who inspire me every day. So if I can also play a small part in inspiring others, it makes all the hard work worthwhile.


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