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Ricardo Diaz, a digital sculptor and Character artist, based in Barcelona – Spain

by ImaginessArt
Shäldar the Dragon Hunter - Ricardo Diaz

One day I discovered the world of figures based on movies, video games, comics, TV series, etc  and that was the moment when I discovered what I really wanted to do: Give life through sculpture to all those beings, characters, creatures, scenes, etc  that have enraptured me throughout my life and now, with the experience, knowledge and the means I have acquired over the years, I can make it happen. Ricardo Diaz


Ricardo Diaz, “sculpture as a means of artistic expression”.


My passion for drawing and fantasy worlds began in my childhood, as I always preferred a pencil and a piece of paper to other toys.


Without a doubt, the artwork of authors such as Boris Ballejo, Michael Whelan, Frank Frazetta, Julie Bell, Luis Royo, Ciruelo Cabral etc., led to me immersing myself in the world of creation. It was those wonderful authors who guided me through my first steps in the genres of fantasy, science fiction and art in general.


I was also strongly attracted to the world of comics, and whenever I can I read all kinds of comics. In fact, it was comics that gave me the opportunity to participate professionally in the world of art, first as a writer, then as a teacher, as a judge in contests and finally as an organizer of conferences and events related to comics.


After studying graphic design, I entered the world of 3D and traditional sculpture, studying at my local art school for 3 years.


At the same time, I entered the world of digital media and learned to manage 2D and 3D software that allowed me to hone my art on my computer. I felt the need to take it further and express the 2D physically in three-dimensions. That’s why I chose sculpture as a means of artistic expression.


Soon I felt that through sculpture I could express myself much more, plus I felt comfortable with the materials, techniques, and tools used in sculpture. I could make presentations of my work gave me recognition in competitions and the experience needed to gain confidence in my work.


Great sculptors such as Romell Chopra, Daniel Bell, Martin Canale, Ray Villafane, Randy Bowen, Erik Sosa, the Shiflett brothers and Mark Newman among others, have helped me, through their work, to discover the wonderful world of sculpture and make it my passion and my profession. I want to thank all of them their support and inspiration.


I have been working creating characters in different genres as Cyberpunk and Diesel punk, Steampunk, Scifi, Fantasy, etc.. Currently working as a freelance for companies like Tasty Minstrel Games, Maeltopia games, Magic Reality Miniatures, Heroes & Villains Miniatures, Dolman Miniatures, Trained Assassin Games, etc …



Shäldar the Dragon Hunter, inspiration and creativity for an artwork…


What is your source of inspiration for this artwork?

I try to fill my studio with all sorts of things that may provide further inspiration. Art books, magazines, photographs, art forums and blogs and my personal collection of art books and photos are some of the sources that inspire me for each piece.


What kind of technology, technical or software used for this project?

I always work with Zbrush. Without any doubt, it is the tool that has allowed me to develop and enhance my art to another level.


Why did you create this artwork? Reason for creating this work.

The idea was to create a powerful warrior, a dragon hunter. Dragons are one of the creatures that have always caught my attention, and creating a warrior whose sword, strength and power where comparable to such a great creature, represented a seductive challenge.


Why can this artwork be a source of inspiration for others?

Fantasy art grows every day thanks to the contribution, creativity, and work of great artists around the world who have contributed their particular vision. At that point, I hope that my own vision and style will help to inspire others.


Ricardo’s website 


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