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PureArts and artist Daytoner collaborate to bring an epic figurine character design to life: Master 9 Eyes.

by ImaginessArt

PureArts company, a leader in the creation of collectible figures and the artist Daytoner, combine their talents to launch a campaign on the Kickstarter platform. It is the first time that PureArts collaborates with an independent artist in this way.

Making of…
Master 9 Eyes

About PureArts…

PureArts is a company that creates collectible statues and figurines. We have been in the industry for over 10 years now and we work with many well-known video game companies such as Bandai, Ubisoft, or Riot Games.

Our mission is to provide all collectibles enthusiasts with the best version of their favorite character, by transforming it into a real collector’s item.

During this Kickstarter, our mission differs slightly because it is our first collaboration with an independent artist. This is why this Kickstarter represents a real challenge. However, we wish to honor the creative process of certain artists whom we admire, such as Daytoner, and support them by transforming their drawing and sculpting into real art toys!

We, therefore, embark on manufacturing designer toys. The approach is not the same as our first project which was to create statues of pre-existing characters, such as the statue of Altair from Assassin’s Creed which won two awards at the beginning of the year. Our team of many talented and skilled 3D artists ensure that the project will be a success, and we are looking forward to creating designer toys of this kind with other artists in the future. 

Who is Daytoner?

Daytoner is a German-born artist who has been living in Los Angeles for several years now.
His artistic journey began in his adolescence with graffiti sessions with friends. The Street Art style is felt in all his creations.

His inspiration is mainly marked by robots which represents an infinite source of creativity thanks to the multiple forms, surfaces and possible designs. It is also this passion that put him on the path of car design.

Daytoner uses Zbrush, Photoshop, Keyshot and Substance Painter as his tools of the trade.


Denny Busyet

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To be part of this artistic project, click on this link:  Master 9 Eyes


Daytoner & PureArts

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