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Paul Gerrard is a renowned and respected English conceptual artist. His amazing work has been presented in numerous films such as Hellboy, Battle Los Angeles, The Wrath of the Titans, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. So in video games and exhibitions around the world.

His dark and fantastic universe is deep and full of originality.

His illustrations immerse us completely in those twisted worlds where only the imagination can reach … to merge with the character.

Gerrard has kindly allowed us to share his art, full of fantasy and imagination.

He told us about the inspirational engine of his work

Paul Gerrard

I am the creator of what has been described as “Apocalyptic mind warp art”.

Character designs from cross-genre dark fantasy worlds.

These designs have been used for a multitude of films and TV including Hellboy, TMNT, Hellraiser, Shannara and various unreleased movies such as Paradise Lost and a Videodrome reboot.

Recently I have been working towards a series of niche art books RIVALS: Art of Gerrard Vol2 being the most current.  This explores an epic amount of characters and the worlds they encompass, from Lovecraft and bio-mech to 1980’s cartoons re-imagined.

Paul Gerrard
Paul Gerrard

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Paul Gerrard



Where do I look for my inspiration?

Each character has different inspirations, and those inspirations can come from the
strangest of places.  An 80’s cartoon, a man inspired by the organics of an insects body or
a warriors armor inspired by the folds of skin on an old human torso.

You must keep an open mind at all times and look at everything as form, detail, visual energy.

Everything is inspirational when it comes to re-imagining a character ( something movies, TV do a
lot ) you should be looking at the core of the character and rebuild from there.

Try and get into the mindset of the characters and truly envision his/her world.

Paul Gerrard
Paul Gerrard
Paul Gerrard
Paul Gerrard
Paul Gerrard

Which techniques and software do you use to create your illustrations?

The main version of the art is done in Photoshop.

Yet designs always start as sigils, pencil on paper.

With each piece of work no matter how complex its end result is always derived from the symbols and shapes in their basic form.

Later I repeat the same process in either acrylic on canvas or inks.

Now my character complete…

Paul Gerrard
Paul Gerrard
Paul Gerrard
Paul Gerrard

My work is all about ideas first and foremost.

I don’t follow the rules of technique that the mass art culture follows.

I do what is comfortable for me. This allows me to express my
ideas in my own way and that is what art and design are all about.

Something anyone can do if they open their minds and let their imagination flow.

Paul Gerrard
Paul Gerrard
Paul Gerrard
Paul Gerrard
Paul Gerrard
Paul Gerrard
Paul Gerrard
Paul Gerrard

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