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Minsu Kim shows his first great artwork “Arabian Wizard”

by ImaginessArt
Arabian wizard-head

Minsu Kim is a young South Korean digital artist, based in Seoul. He shows his first great artwork “Arabian Wizard”, a great potential and an acute sense of detail, also a perfect manipulation of softwares …




Arabian wizard, mystery, and symbol, culture and religion…


What is your source of inspiration for this artwork?

I have always been interested, in the mystery and the symbols in art, culture and in religion. Recently, I’m highly interested in Arabic and Buddhist art. Therefore, this artwork is strongly influenced by those things. (By the way please don’t try to read Arabic tattoo. It is a Korean poem that suits the character. but I guess Google translation failed proper translation this time.  🙂




What kind of technology, technical or software used for this project?

V-ray, Zbrush, Substance painter, Ornatrix, photoshop.

Why did you create this artwork? Reason for creating this work.

I created this artwork, not only for my resume but also for me to challenge a new project.

The pose of character and his eyes represent particular ideal or faith. To show this metaphorically, I used limited color as gold and black and direction of the light to express how he finds a religious answer in an uncertain situation.

Why can this artwork be a source of inspiration for others?

I was a traditional painter for a while, so this is my first 3d work. I basically focused on learning the programs. Because even I couldn’t handle Photoshop, the 3d world was a rough journey. But to me, It was phenomenal that the drawings I planned were reconstructed in 3D. In that sense, I hope this work will inspire other beginners.



If you like Minsu’s work, you can contact him here.

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