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Mickael Lelièvre, Pokemons & Other Creatures

by ImaginessArt

Mickael Lelièvre works as a modeling artist for over 5 years in the 3D animation industry. He’s senior modeler for TAT Studio. He’s also, a concept sculptor, he likes to create Pokemons creatures and robots.”




Mickael presents his personal work “Evolution of Pokemons” & other creatures.

A work of digital sculpture, which he does in his spare time, to exercise in detail, anatomy and shapes …

With more than 16k on Instagram, Mickael is very successful with his way of evolving his Pokemons creatures.



What do you create “Pokemons” for?

I created Pokemons because I think it’s a good exercise of imagination and it still requires work upstream to stick to the chosen creature. I like to find and rearrange different anatomies to give life to a pokemon.

How long have you been doing them?

I started with Magikarp because I also do fish from time to time. I love to carve fish, it’s a great exercise too, the forms have almost no limits with the fish, especially when we start watching the fish from the seabed.

So I started 4 months ago. I had a fan art of Stephen Oakley that I met in Los Angeles, he works at Sony and it’s an incredible Concept Artist. I did 3d “Lickitongue” or Excelangue in French.

What is imagination for you?

Imagination for me is like music that does not stop. It’s a stream of notes that we have all the time. And I try to record as much as possible when I hear this music.

By drawing, noting or sculpting directly. Ideas come and go all the time, even at night dreaming, the whole thing is to represent them with our know-how.

In your opinion, digital art has a future?

Digital art in the future, I have been certain since I heard the presentation of Richard Taylor (Creator of WETA).

Digital art can even be represented as an artistic current or even artistic current. The tools are so complete and more than complete that almost everything becomes possible from ultra-realistic to poetic through cartoon and even. In short, it is a complete art I would say moreover that it is a complete tool, everyone to find how he wants to use this tool.

For you, are digital artists really showcased in different media?

In the middle, there are sites that refer well 3d and 2d artists, but I do not know if it is representative, although Artstation is among the 800 most visited sites in the world.

I think that digital art piques the curiosity of everyone and whatever his work. I have the opportunity to talk with a lot of followers from around the world and it’s very eclectic. If not for the rest of the media I do not know, yes and no. So the highlight is there on the specific site, Artstation, ZbrushCentral, CGSociety, Deviant Art … but maybe less in the more traditional media.



If you want to follow the evolution of Mickael, you can do it by clicking here

Mickael Instagram

Mickael website

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