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Marti Garcia Cornejo is an art director and animator based in Argentina.

After working for several years in agencies and studios he recently he has created FÚ Imagery, mixing motion graphics and personal experimentations.

Marti Garcia-FU Studio
Marti Garcia-FU Studio

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Marti Garcia-FU Studio

Marti works for clients such as MTV, Danone, Nesquik, Nickelodeon, among others…

Discover through our small and habitual interview, the work of Marti.

Marti Garcia-FU Studio
Marti Garcia-FU Studio

What is your source of inspiration for your work?

I think my source of inspiration is the clash between my past and my present.

My past, what I have read, eaten, watched, listened … with respect to the present, the most recent stimulus that I felt. The “between”, like a golden hour of creativity, is the main source of expression.

I also like to find influences in other domains, such as Philosophy, Literature, Science and Music. Then I try to relate it to some visual references, which I know.

I love the history of art, visiting the past of the Arts and design is always a good way to get inspired.

Marti Garcia-FU Studio
Marti Garcia-FU Studio
Marti Garcia-FU Studio

What kind of technology, technical or software do you use?

Well, like most artists I use Adobe Suite, Blender – or any other CGI software -, a Wacom tablet, etc.

But I really do not think that software should be an important issue. Of course, it is useful to define commercial standards, but in terms of personal explorations, the main tool is your brain.

The way you request information about culture, how you establish relationships between the innumerable influences (from a master of the art of the twentieth century to a Sunday walk in the park), the decisions you make … That is what defines your work, and therefore to you.

Marti Garcia-FU Studio
Marti Garcia-FU Studio
Marti Garcia-FU Studio
Marti Garcia-FU Studio

Why can your work be a source of inspiration for others?

If there is at least one person in the world that can be influenced by my work, it’s a winning situation!

It means that all those tons of hours that I spent in front of a computer, or blank paper, are well worth it   😆 

The flow of images is extremely dynamic and makes the exposure of our work so ephemeral. The images of world culture are innumerable.

What can be a source of inspiration?

For me, drawing is the most creative form of mistake.

We know the importance of mistake, of its inventive power. For each mistake, we learn what not to do and hopefully discover some new resource.

That’s why I draw a lot, compulsively as much as I can. Because making mistakes is the only search…

Marti Garcia-FU Studio

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