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Mark Gmehling, “My inspiration is humanity, the triviality and absurdity”

by ImaginessArt

Mark Gmehling is a German multidisciplinary artist  (graphic designer, Communication Designer).

He was worked in different advertising agencies in Hamburg, cut ropes going unemployed as a freelance illustratorwas teaching Communication Design and digital illustration for 12 years and started exhibiting his personal work around the world. Still enjoy traveling, exhibiting and painting murals to relax from daily freelance business subject availability.







My inspiration is humanity, the triviality and absurdity and the drama of human life is an endless inspiration and topic for me.


What technology and software do you use?

I’m using the Adobe CC suite, Maxon Cinema4D became an indispensable tool,

next, to that, I use a Wacom (Intuos 3)-Tablet, on my iMac.





Why your work can be a source of inspiration for others?

Tough question, my mantra from back in graffiti-times till today is FUCK THE NORM.  😆 

I prefer to do the opposite of what is usual because I think the language of illustration/art should be surprising and fresh. 

I avoid resampling other peoples ideas and instead create something new. I haven’t seen myself so far and this is one essence of illustration I think visualizing things/moods you cant see or describe.





Mark’s website


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