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Discovering the animated world of Marco Pavone

by ImaginessArt

Marco Pavone is an artist based in Naples Italy. He began his career drawing for Naples’ IL MATTINO and for RIZZOLI.

From 1997, when he gained his diploma at the ACCADEMIA DISNEY, he drew stories and comic for MICKY MOUSE. In 1999 he moves in Milan, entering into the world of animation.

In 2002 he began directing successfull animated music videos: ALLEVI, TIROMANCINO, GINUWINE, COOLIO, SILVESTRI, CAPAREZZA, LE VIBRAZIONI, SUBSONICA, BENNATO and many more.

For DISNEY he took part in many projects, including the WITCH video clip in 2007. In the same year, MTV bought the rights of his short film LAST SUBWAY.

His works have been screened at many festivals. In 2009 he directed and produced his first full-length film ZERO ZERO.

In 2013 he directed and produced his second full-length film (in stereoscopic 3D) EXTRA. In 2015 his movie BURQA is in world premiere at Holland Animation Film Festival.




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Three questions for Marco Pavone


Where does the inspiration come from?

 My inspiration is everything. I don’t love to have just one way to make my work. I love to change my language to find always different images.

What are your work tools?

My animation is almost 2D style, anyway I often use 3D software to get 2D animation.

Currently, I use Blender. Naturally, I use 2D software to draw and paint, like Jimpy.


Do you think your work can inspire other artists?

I don’t think that when I create my animation. I can hope my work can be a source of inspiration for someone, but I don’t worry about it.



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