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I am a generalist CG for 3 or 4 years now. I work on many areas such as layout, design, editing, direction, modeling of characters and environments, texturing, shading, lighting.

A bit of Fxs and clothing simulations, mostly complete CG movies or sequences.



A bit about me

  I did my school in Paris France, named New3dge, it was a new school with a nice CEO Michaël Baratian, that I owe a lot, he teaches me the base I needed to know to reach anything, and his mindset is amazing! He changes my life, I’m grateful for that.

After I was working at Unit Image in Paris France, on films like The Crew, CocaCola, Peugeot, Assassin’s Creed, The Division, Final Fantasy XV… This is the place where I learned everything I know.

I have many good friends who miss me a lot. I’m always happy when I see a movie released, these guys are amazing!


  Then I went to Blur Studio in California USA, I worked on Halo, Star Wars, Helder Scrolls, TitanFall2 a many others as a layout and character artist, it was a really nice studio, Tim Miller as an amazing mindset too, always make amazing speech to the team that makes me cry, it was a really a turning point in my life, to see a guy with a vision that I want to follow . I also find a lot of inspiration into Dave Wilson the Creative Director at Blur, I work with him on a lot of projects he his an amazing leader and I love to work with him again in the future!

Also, Blur is built with the amazing artist, that I really love and miss a lot, this team is so cool!

I came back to Unit Image for a year for personal reasons, work as a generalist/lead on 2 trailers for Beyond Good Evil 2, God Of War 4 and lots of other not released yet…

Now I’m currently working at Digic Pictures in Budapest Hungary as a Senior lighting compositing position and I’m looking forward to doing my best there I meet new amazing talent, to share our ideas and passions! A lot of cool projects are coming out, so excited! 

imaginess.art on Instagram



Sources of inspiration and tools

 My sources of inspirations are pretty vast, most of the time, it’s movies from the director I love, love the direction of photography, form the team of David Fincher, Christopher Nolan, Ridley Scott, Denis Villeneuve and many others.

I love to try to match to a movie like feeling, to me they have the most impressive and beautiful images… I’m also looking at real-life references, photography and a lot’s of artists.

That I can’t tell how many times I’m impressed every day!

2D and 3D any support I’m interested in to get some inspirations. 

I really like the community like Artstation. Every day I can see amazing works there.

That motivates me all the time to try to do a better image.



 I use a lot of 2D design on Photoshop, done by me or other teammates that I work with.  I use also Zbrush for design, super fast and constraint-free software.

For production modeling, I use 3dsmax, Marvelous Designer,  for texturing/shading is mostly Substance Painter, Mari, Mudbox for textures and shading is going to be in Vray or Arnold, my best tool is probably substance Painter for texturing shading. I love this software and there is a real-time feedback that makes me won a lot of time.

Rendering, lighting is Vray 3dsMax or Arnold Maya depends on the studio or production. Personally, I prefer 3dsMax for rendering, lighting, and the comp is in Nuke and After Effect.

I also do some small fx work on fumefx, rayfire, Pflow and marvelous designer for minor Fxs. Now I plan to learn Houdini and Unreal Engine. That software sounds like the best softs on the market, so need to dive in!

The final word

That’s a difficult question to answer, I really do this for fun. I love to do images with friends or teammates. 

It can give them the same goals.  It can be a really nice healthy competition to try to do the coolest pictures sounds like fun already!

If it’s the case I’m glad that can help people and inspire them.  I’ll try to keep the quality is going up every new project. 

Leo Ryberolles website

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