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Khairizal Anwar, freelance concept environment artist/ keyframe artist.

by ImaginessArt

Khairizal Anwar, a Singaporean freelance concept environment artist/ keyframe artist. He presents his last two artworks: “At peace” and “Sewer Maintenance”Khairizal is an artist who loves the challenges and to go beyond their comfort zone, adaptable and 200% motivated. He tells us about his source of inspiration and what motivates him when creating his artworks.


One thing I’ve to learn in my art life is that passion and commitment (with a bit of motivation) drives you to do it. Without one of those, you won’t create meaningful and satisfying artworks. – Khairizal Anwar-



What is your source of inspiration for your artworks?

I am a huge fan of  “The Last of Us” and ” The World Itself Departed. That’s why I am usually inspired by the post-apocalypse theme or the nature in general.


What kind of technology, technical or software do you use generally?

I used Maya as my 3D base layer and brought it over to photoshop



Why did you create this artwork? 

In relation to “At Peace”, I was inspired by nature itself and immediately asked my myself, “What happens if it overgrew itself even more and someone stumbles upon it for the first time?” At the same time, i wanted to make something that is rarely seen but at the same time beautiful like an overgrown garden conservatory. This is to give the viewers the sense of awareness that it takes place within the same world. Before that, I usually include some storytelling in all of my works. No matter how small the details are. I will always tell myself that every object, pixels or person must have a reason to be in the picture.


Why can this artwork be a source of inspiration for others?

Frankly speaking, it all comes to the person or artist, everybody can be inspired by something. I was inspired just by the word, “overgrown”. So anything can be an inspiration.


If you want to see the work of Khairizal Anwar click here




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