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Kenneth Shinabery is a New York graphic designer and influencer based in Düsseldorf, Germany. In recent years, he has worked with marketing and public relations teams at international companies such as Adobe and Wacom.

Advertising, marketing, influence marketing, public relations, social networking, community development, content creation and writing are Kenneth’s areas of action.

In his personal work, he gravitates between digital art and traditional art. Kenneth likes experimentation, he adapts …

He is always looking for the technique that will allow him to express his idea as accurately as possible: Photography, pens, digital software such as the Adobe Suite.

His inspiration is everywhere, as well in architecture as in advertising or pop culture.

We work together

Are you a public relations specialist and social media expert? Right?
Originally I started out working in film, television and commercial production in New York City. I worked in product management and as a creative. 
When I moved to Europe in 2012, I made a shift into marketing, public relations and community development. 
My experience in NYC served as a foundation and I utilized this experience to produce two full-scale creative conferences for Adobe in Germany. 
Working in Marketing and PR really allows one to engage and interact with the communities that follow certain brands

What is it like curating the Wacom Gallery on Behance?


I began curating the Wacom Gallery on Behance in 2014. I select the artists that are featured on the Wacom Gallery

Not only do I look for superb art to feature, but I also like it when an artist shares the story behind a project. 
It is interesting not only to me but the Wacom community to learn where the inspiration came from.  I also find it nice when the artists share his or her process of creating a piece of art. 
This can be done through screen captures, time-lapse videos and animated gifs for example. 
It has been an honor to curate the Wacom Gallery and I highly recommend that artists connect their Behance Portfolios to the Wacom Gallery….. plus it is FREE! 
Since I am always looking for new talent to feature, it is a great way to get exposure!




What is digital art for you? 

To me, digital art is how people express themselves creatively with technology.
Whether it be through graphics, design, animation, photography, digital video, game design, etc.
Digital art, especially in digital illustration, does not need to start out on a computer. 
It can start out as a pencil sketch.  Sometimes digital art starts out as a sketch that I shared on Instagram. 000 fun to get feedback on the art that I create on Instagram! 
I really enjoy connecting with my followers.

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