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The Conceptual portfolio of Kargall Le Fou French Digital Artist

by ImaginessArt

Eric Basiletti aka Kargall Le Fou is a conceptual French artist. His portfolio is amazing; dark characters, aliens, or “mechas”.

Digital artist of a great precision, inspired by music and painters like Caravaggio, Eric demonstrates a mastery of digital tools and software such as Blender or Cinema 4D.



Kargall Le fou


What is my artistic proposal?

I like the characters “tragicomic” I’d like to have enough inspiration to make a picture as beautiful as repulsive.

I almost succeeded a faith: a person exclaimed wow! It is super nice that ! then in this approach, he ended up saying: “Damn it, but this thing is foul” ? .

I said to myself “touché!” , I would like to replicate this experience each time.

The ugly in the beautiful the beautiful in the ugly, the strange in the banal and vice versa … etc

Why images? I also wanted to make music but was asked to stop.


Kargall Le fou


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Kargall Le fou


Music is my inspiration

Music makes me enter parallel worlds, I do not think I can “travel” without it. Tool, Bach, Vivaldi. Overall Dante’s universe and Christian eschatology mixed with dark-fantasy inspire me a lot.

My favorite painters are Théodore Géricault, Caravaggio, Arnold Böcklin, Giger (obviously) my ultimate master being Zdzisław Beksiński.

I am a traditional painter at the base I do a lot of decors in Trompe-l’œil or festival decorations.  I work with oil almost exclusively for my paintings and acrylic for decorations.

I started using 3D about 15 years ago for my “sketches” but the virus took me. I deepened my technique and I am now working in the entertainment field.

I have two software of predilection: 3dCoat (the challenger of ZBrush) and Clip-studio-paint for overpainting.

I am currently forming the incredible Clarisse (Isoropix) for FX and direct rendering via 3dCoat. I also like Cinema4D and Blender.


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Kargall Le fou

Kargall Le fou Kargall Le fou Kargall Le fou

Why can your work be a source of inspiration for others? 

Very difficult question. I imagine that my work may inspire some people, but to say what exactly I don’t know.

Everyone will see in my works what he wants to see according to who he is his lived, his fantasies. If I can travel a few people, I’ll be happy already.  🙂 


Kargall Le fou

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