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The Hyper-realistic Characters of Jordan Soler

by ImaginessArt

Jordan Soler is a digital artist specializing in Grooming currently based in Vancouver at Method StudiosGraduate in art and 3D at Montpellier, he began his career as a groomer at Illumination MacGuff, working on Despicable Me 3 for one year …



In MPC (Moving Picture Company) he works on VFX shows like The Mummy, Alpha or Justice League for the main one.


After a few months at MPC, Jordan starts working at Animal Logic in Sydney on the Peter Rabbit project. Then in Superprod.


Currently, Jordan works at Method Studios Vancouver as a groomer.



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 Peter Rabbit …


Peter Rabbit-Cottontail by JordanSoler

Peter Rabbit-Cottontail by JordanSoler



It was a crazy experience for me, and I’ve worked with great artists, they helped me a lot, so once again, thanks to all of them. – Jordan Soler- 



In Peter Rabbit, the main task was the basic preparation of the girls (Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail). He also did the fur texturing / shading of Flopsy (the one with the red jacket).


“It was very challenging because they have to be realistic to fit the film and designed to fit the script. It is a kind of intermediate that can sometimes be very difficult to find. I also made other characters and a lot of grass (which was also super challenging!)”.


“It was a crazy experience for me,  I’ve worked with great artists. They helped me a lot, so once again, thanks to all of them.”


Jordan Soler- Grooming artist-Peter Rabbit

Jordan Soler- Grooming artist-Peter Rabbit


What is your source of inspiration for your work?

It can be a lot of things. But since I have started, I always took Disney and Pixar as a reference for everything I do.

When I do personal projects, I search Google for the Disney movie to find the kind of look I want to have. There are also few artists like Pedro Conti, Victor Hugo, … they are a great inspiration to me…

I sometimes take a painting that I like, could be real painting or digital painting (Denis Zilber for example).



What kind of technology, technical or software do you use?

I am using Maya as the main software, and Arnold as a render engine most of the time (switching for Renderman sometimes). For the grooming part, I am using both xGen or Yeti. For the texturing, I am using Mari. I am trying to be quite flexible and open-minded, looking for what’s coming.



Why can your work be a source of inspiration for others?

I don’t really know:-D. I have never thought my work can be a source of inspiration for any other artist, for now.

There is so much better works and artists than me to refer to! But, maybe it can show people that are possible, with hard working and night and night to achieve your goals. To work on the shows that you wanted.

No matter if your artistic background a few years ago was 0.








Jordan Soler website

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