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João Victor Ferreira, Character modeler based in Rio de Janeiro

by ImaginessArt
SKIPPER by Joao Ferreira

João Victor Ferreira is a Brazilian character modeler based in Rio de Janeiro. He’s currently working as a freelancer for the advertising industry. Nowadays he dedicates his free time to study modeling and rigging because he likes to discover new ways to control characters.


I am playing when I am not working! – Joao Victor Ferreira –




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What is your source of inspiration for your work?

 My source of inspiration is the talented artists around the world and the great CG studios as Pixar, Dreamworks, Blue Sky, Aardman, Illumination and so on.



What kind of technology, technical or software do you use?

I usually use ZBrush for sculpting, Maya for modeling, 3Ds Max for rendering and Photoshop for edit maps.





Why can your work be a source of inspiration for others?

 I would be very proud of my work is an inspiration to some artists. I really hope to help others.

SKIPPER by Joao Ferreira


nelson by Joao Ferreira


mini by Joao Ferreira


happybulbs by Joao Ferreira



Joao Ferreira website


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