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Janne Kyttanen, “I’m always looking for interesting things to inspire me”

by Imaginess
Janne Kyttanen

Janne Kyttanen is a pioneering digital sculptor creating multidisciplinary work at the intersection of 3D printing, virtual & augmented reality. Kyttanen’s work has been featured in TIME Magazine’s ‘Design 100’, the people and ideas behind the world’s most influential design. He is best known for his revolutionary work with 3D printing and is considered to be one of the most influential designers of his generation.



Janne Kyttanen is a Finnish conceptual artist and designer who is best known for his work in design for 3D printing.


In the year 2000 Kyttanen founded Freedom of Creation, a creative agency that specialized in design for 3D printing. Kyttanen led a team of specialist design and innovation experts, creating a portfolio of acclaimed and award-winning designs for the Freedom of Creation brand.


In 2011 Freedom of Creation was acquired by 3D Systems, the largest 3D printing company in the world.


In 2016 Kyttanen co-founded What The Future Venture Capital. WTFVC is a startup that designs start-ups, on a mission to design new companies at the speed of designing new products.


The founders of WTFVC see infinite potential at the crossroads of nanotechnology, 3D printing, biotech, virtual reality, and machine learning and believe that the magic is in the middle of these crossroads.


Most recently the WTF team have been figuring out the answer to Kyttanen’s big question ‘What does the internet taste like? Pixsweet.com is a brand new platform that enables consumers to turn every pixel of the internet into an ice pop. By combining simple, intuitive software with a proprietary production process, Pixsweet delivers customized, personalized ice pops in just a few clicks.



“I’m always looking for interesting things to inspire me”…







What is your source of inspiration for your work?

I still have no idea how all these things creep into my mind…


For you, is the inspiration the result of a process where it comes at any time?

I’m always looking for interesting things to inspire me, so I guess I am looking for it, but I am not really aware of it because it all comes so naturally. Nothing comes out of nothing, so I am always struck by things, which then lead to something new.


Are there any special places where you are looking for inspiration when you need it?

I never really need to travel to inspire myself, but I just sit on the couch. I guess the Internet has changed a lot of things about how we receive information nowadays.


What is your favorite phase of the design process?

The conceptual phase, because I feel I am not working.


How do you categorize your work?

Pioneer in Design for Digital Manufacturing.


which tool do you need to work?

3D software.




Janne Kyttanen website

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