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Harris Fagotto is an artist between mythology and video games … Inspired by video game and cartoon characters in addition to giving them a mythological dimension, he creates his own colorful, rounded characters that he presents on the media social.

I’m an artist who likes to make people smile. As we grow older the weight of more and more responsibilities are piled on top of us, and while I don’t believe in shirking on work I do believe we’re allowed breaths of air once in awhile. I make art because I want to bring that lost feeling of childish wonder and fantasy back to people. I find it fun to make art and I also want to bring the fun around back to anyone willing to let it in.

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I work primarily with digital media. I have whole worlds with casts of characters I want to bring down from my head into a physical, viewable form, and my preferred way to do it is with as much freedom as possible.

"Hiraeth" by Harris Fagotto, between mythology and video games...

About “Hiraeth” artwork…

Source of Inspiration for Hiraeth

I’m very inspired by mythology and folklore from cultures around the world– I’m a very big believer in the power of stories and the role they’ve played in making the world we know today. The other big factor that’s influenced my art is the aesthetics and nostalgia of old video games. I’ve always loved game series like Sonic the Hedgehog, Kirby, and The Legend of Zelda, especially for their use of color and graphic design to make things stand out and look appealing.

"Hiraeth" by Harris Fagotto, between mythology and video games...

What kind of technology, technical or software used for this project?

I do all my work primarily in Adobe Illustrator

Why did you create this artwork?

These pieces are for a personal project called  Hiraeth” is a fantasy world I’ve been building over years.

It’s always been something I’ve had on my mind, but I turned it into a daily drawing project. Every day I would draw 1 creature and write something about them to build the world’s lore slowly over time.

I now have other projects mixed into my daily routine but I still draw a Hiraeth creature every other day.

As of writing this, I have done 772 of them, along with works to go with my daily practice that isn’t Hiraeth related. 

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Why can this artwork be a source of inspiration for others?

I feel like if anything about my work can speak to another it would be my endurance.

I greatly feel like there are better artists out there than me on a technical level, and while I still have a lot of room to grow, practicing every day has increased my skill greatly.

It can be nerve-wracking at first to put your work out there, but I recommend just going for it and then never stop practicing. 

"Hiraeth" by Harris Fagotto, between mythology and video games...

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