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“Gyarados” by Mickael Lelièvre, or Magikarp’s evolution…

by ImaginessArt

Mickael Lelievre has been working as a modeling artist for over 5 years in the 3D animation industry. He’s senior modeler for TAT Studio. He’s also, a concept sculptor, he likes to create creatures and robots.




Gyarados’ artwork…or Magikarp’s evolution…


What is your source of inspiration for Gyarados’ artwork?

I have multiple sources of inspiration, mostly is the observation of nature and learning anatomy more and more, but I played Pokemon when I was young and it’s a great source of inspiration.



What technology, technical or software used for this project?

I use Zbrush, V-ray, and Photoshop.



Why did you create this artwork? Reason for creating this work.

I did a Magikarp and a lot of people asked about the evolution so I did it.



Why can this artwork be a source of inspiration for others?

I don’t know if it can be a source of inspiration, but it could be interesting to look at it to see what I wanted to show.


I mixed an anime design and natural species. So the idea is quite simple, you can make sort of fan art and at the same time you can learn and use anatomy of fishes.


If you want to get more inspiration from Mickael’s work, here is a link to his portfolio


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