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Evolution by Lorenzo Lanfranconi, a young but already remarkable environment artist

by ImaginessArt
Evolution, by Lorenzo Lanfraconi

Evolution is the second great Artbook Lorenzo Lanfranconi, a young but already remarkable environment artist, able to take you on a wonderful journey of a whole planet earth now free from the presence of man, but on the verge of a new death and rebirth.

120 pages of beautiful, almost photographic landscapes and part of tutorials to learn the technique with which they were made.

Lorenzo tells us about his second artbook Evolution.

My source of inspiration

The main inspiration to realize this artbook came from outdoor photography. I really love to shoot photos surrounded by nature…you can feel the warm lights and the cold shadows on your skin, you can see the depth and touch the different materials. When I start a new environment I try to instill these sensations in the illustration, like taking information from a mental perception library.

I work with…

I always work only in Photoshop with a restricted brush set to give a more blended result.

Why create this artbook?

I create this artbook “EVOLUTION” because I’d like to travel and take pictures from distant countries. Unfortunately, traveling is very expensive and I’m a “poor” guy  😉 so, i started to travel with my imagination, drawing my personal book.

why can my work be a source of inspiration for others?

I think these illustrations can inspire other people, because they can see, how I recap textures and lights. From here, they can understand and decompose my style to reach another personal way to render with few brushes. I always make the same things with other artists that I like and to follow.

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