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Dualvoidanima, a surreal aesthetic directly inspired by the eighties.

by ImaginessArt

Dualvoidanima, Void Design or Solo Void is a digital artist based in Rotterdam and Bucharest. Talking about Dualvoidanima is not easy, but your work is incredible! He presents us with GIFs full of color, movement and shapes … a rare and retro universe, a surrealist aesthetic directly inspired by the eighties.




As for talking about myself, there is no way to do that since I don’t actually exist. It would be like talking about nothing.


All my designs are void, I have no goals, no pre-set long terms, no imagination, no clue what I’m doing and I have no problem with that.

I think there is an infinite source of inspiration and motivation inside all of us called the universe.

Art is the only way of expressing that feeling. People confuse and say art is only music, painting, graphic design or whatever but in truth doing something that makes you happy is art because you draw from the infinite source of the universe, you move as it does and you begin to feel.

So I don’t know what triggers my insight, I have found inspiration in the weirdest places: my fears, loneliness, music, watching a palm tree in the wind, dropping my car keys or trying to copy someone’s artwork just to see that in the end, I made something else entirely.




My work tools

I use Cinema4D to create the 3D scene, then Adobe After Effects to make it look better or worse depending on what I feel like doing.

Adobe Photoshop to make the GIFs. I even used Microsoft Paint sometimes to make some stuff.


My work can be a source of inspiration because people see the final result of what 3D software are capable of so they start to learn the method and learning the method is the first step in doing something you love doing.





Why do you use the 80s inspiration in your work?

I’m not sure, I think, first of all, I grew up with this stuff so of course, it had to influence me somehow.

Then the 80s style is the definition of pure surreal.

Every time I see a poster or something from that era I’m struck with wonder, confusion, and fascination.

It deals with the question of existence itself without losing touch of reality.

It shows flaws of technology if put in the wrong hands, it can be complex or it can be minimal, it portrays the necessity of the villain and the hero, it urges the individual to embrace his nature and find joy in the simplest things, it just wants you to be part of the game for the sake of the game. Or so I think, of course, I could be wrong! 






If you want to get in touch with Void




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