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Discover “Commend Me”: A Place to Commission Art Online

by ImaginessArt
About - Commend Me!

Commend Me! is an online community for artists and enthusiasts that facilitates digital art commissions and freelance.

What does that mean? Artists post their work and if you like their style you can hire them for a commission. If you don’t have anyone specific in mind, you can head to the jobs page and make a posting.


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If you are in the market for artwork, it can become overwhelming to look at the many options of art sales websites available on the Internet.

Up and coming website, Commend Me is your one-stop-shop when it comes to art commissions and freelance.

Commend Me’s fees are significantly less compared to other art commission websites such as Fiverr (20%), Sketch Mob (15%), and Artists&Clients (15%). Comparatively, Commend Me charges a 3.5% + $2.00 fee per transaction.


Iced Deer

Iced Deer

Iced Deer by Seerlight


How does Commend Me work?

Commend Me has artists for every style and medium you may want. This includes digital art, traditional art, graphic design, handcrafted goods, and 3D art.


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Commend Me is essentially a social media website, artist portfolio, and art sales website rolled into one convenient place!

Commend Me gives artists and clients a place to pick and choose the option that best suits their needs.

There are many different ways for an artist or client to start a commission. One way is via the “get a quote” button on artist’s profiles.

If you are browsing an artist’s portfolio and profile and see they are open for commissions, get a quote! Another option is the “jobs” tab on the homepage.

In this tab, you will see the categories titled “products” and job postings”The products category is made for artists to post art that they are currently selling.

These vary from ready-made products/art to made-to-order personalized commissions such as character designs or a painting of your cat.


Front Page

Front Page

Homepage Commend Me



The job posting category is for clients to use. If someone is looking for a specific piece of art or a commission to be made, they would post it as a job in this tab.

Artists can browse the job postings tab and if they see a job they would be interested in taking, they can apply to work on that job.

The client would then look at the portfolios of those who applied to their job posting and choose the artist they think would be the best fit!

The artist and the client would message back and forth using Commend Me’s messaging system and discuss things like- the price of the art, the time it will take the payment procedure, or smaller details about what the client is looking for in the art.

Payments are made via PayPal or Stripe and the payment is made up-front which helps protect the artist.


Light's Out

Light’s Out


Light’s Out by Patriartis

Why commission an artist?

Commissioned, personalized art makes great gifts. A few examples are- family portrait cartoons, an art of one’s pet, personalized home goods (cutting boards, monogrammed towels, embroidered items).

For your business,  Commend Me features artists that specialize in logo and marketing design.

If you have a business that is in need of a logo, a social media header/ profile photo, or art to make your page stand out, an artist can commission exactly what you need.

Support small artists. Many artists make a living off of their artwork and buying art from an individual versus a store helps artists be able to continue making art!



Products Page

Products Page

Products Page



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