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Colorful series “Skateboarding” by Rutger Paulusse

by ImaginessArt

 Rutger Paulusse is a graphic designer based in Amsterdam. He has developed his playfully distinct style beyond Type and fully entered into the world of Illustration and Lettering.

He has broadened his skills in NYC and knew he had to bring his funky style back to the homies.



About Rutger… Graphic designer and Skater


Like most stories, it all started back in the day. We all begin our artistic endeavors somewhere and that place for Gwer was the graffiti wall.

No, Gwer was not the typical graffiti artist. Rather a young man who realized the creative power that a spray, a brush or a pen could hold.

This obsession with graffiti quickly manifested itself in a natural transition to typography.

Rutger studied at the St. Joost School of Art the basis of conceptual design.



In recent years he’s been lucky enough to rapidly expand his portfolio that would make his spectators, designers or not, all drool with feelings of euphoria.

Don’t take it from me, take it from his clients: BMW Group, TomTom, KLM, ING, Nuon, Ford, Flexa, Citroën, KPN, Tommy Hilfiger, Spinawards and ADCN to name a few. 

**Words by Adam Carlisle


Skateboarding-Rutger Paulusse

Skateboarding-Rutger Paulusse


Rutger Paulusse’s artwork in four questions.


What is your source of inspiration for your artwork?

Shapes, movement, and textures in skateboarding


What technology, technical or software used for this project?

Cinema4D + Vray


Skateboarding-Rutger Paulusse



Why did you create this artwork? Reason for creating this work?


This series is inspired by the shapes, movement and textures of skateboarding.

When I was young I started skateboarding and it’s one of those things that once you love it, it will always have a special place in your heart.

When I lived in New York a couple of years ago, I bought a skateboard again and really enjoyed surfing it.

I always liked the shapes of the obstacles in the skateparks and in the skateboards themselves. That, combined with the interesting wood and metal textures, formed the inspiration for this series.

I started doing one, but I really understood the trick and kept looking for inspiration while watching photos and videos on the internet of skateboarding.


Skateboarding-Rutger Paulusse


An inspiration for others…


Some illustrations are based on a specific trick, others played with the shape of an obstacle.

But in all of them, I played with the dynamics and movement of the skateboard.

The use of 3d software gives me endless possibilities and the ability to create a surreal setting. 

The creativity of skateboarders is amazing these days. The tricks are really advanced and technical and it’s really nice to see how skateboarding developed.


Although I don’t really skateboard anymore, working on this project was really fun and brought back good memories.


It was really cool to be able to combine this old passion for skateboarding with my current passion for illustration.

I don’t have very specific wishes for my future as an illustrator.  I would really love to work on a campaign for a skateboard brand, or some designs for skateboards.

Is still a long cherished dream that hopefully, one day will come true.



Skateboarding-Rutger Paulusse


Why can this artwork be a source of inspiration for others?

There is an inspiration and a story in everything!


More about Rutger

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