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The incredible digital artworks of the digital artist Clara Luzian

by ImaginessArt

Poetic, oniric and surrealist … is the best description we can give to the artistic work of Clara Luzian, an Argentine digital artist.

Super popular on Instagram (more than 32K followers), better known as render_fruit, Clara proposes a work full of poetry and surrealism.



Clara is also a digital artist with a deep artistic proposal and who, through her “loops” as she calls them, passes deep and feminist messages.

My inspiration

My moments of inspiration and immersive states of dream moments.

Although most of my characters do not have gender (unless you intentionally want to show the genre)

I associate them with the feminine part that each one of us possesses since he is naturally peaceful and attentive but he is also alert to face battles for true love for life.

I suppose they represent the ideal state, blind to neutral pleasure.


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My instruments of work

 For now, I work in Mac, using mostly Cinema 4D and After Effects.

Occasionally, I do traditional frame by frame animation for I use Photoshop video layers, but is a lot of work!


I think most of my loop’s soul show emotions that are universal and everyone can connect with as long as they can go to their core, so everyone can have it’s own register and interpretation.  – Clara Luzian- 




If you want to communicate with Clara and learn more about her work, follow her on Instagram


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**All videos presented in this post are the property of Clara Luzian and cannot be used without an agreement with the artist.

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