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Chocotoy Cute, Curved shapes, intense colors, and sweets do not have to be that for kids.

by ImaginessArt

Curved shapes, intense colors, and sweets do not have to be that for kids. Chocotoy is a brand and a Venezuelan graphic studio that has sneaked into the Vip room of the Latin American illustration based on “breaking the statics of people who live stressed,” says Luis Albornoz, the author of the warm climate that engenders this line of drawings with Karen Guevara, her partner, and fellow tracer.




A couple of young Venezuelans developed an academic project together, the task: creating an illustration for a “fictitious” brand. And it became a reality. Thus began what today is a brand and a graphic design studio called Chocotoy.


Its creators Luis Alfonso Albornoz & Karen Guevara were inspired by the Japanese art style kawaii, which means “pretty”, and is that Chocotoy designs go beyond the friendly, their colorful characters, the joy of their shapes, and those concentrated doses of sugar in their blood has led them to be among the best in Latin American illustration.


It is inevitable to feel like a child again to see these drawings that touch your most childish fiber, and this extends to a lot of pieces that can be used in everyday life as T-shirts, bags, backpacks, purses, caps, everything that can be intervened with a hint of sweet humor is welcome in our brand.


The Chocotoy catalog includes more than 100 characters, in 2d a thick black line to highlight the colors, however, in 3d they are as colorful as those drawn in 2d!


Among the programs that use Chocotoy Cute, we can find Photoshop and Illustrator for 2D and Cinema 4D for 3D realization.


Chocotoy wants to break the social rigidity and work with youthful and cheerful concepts. That’s why there are so many ice creams, cookies, dolls, sweets, and chocolate because we want to make illustrations that you want to eat.  – Luis Albornoz





Strangers Things


Chocotoy Cute presents this artwork inspired by the Stranger Things series, made in 3D and finalized in Photoshop.


This artwork captures the “vintageinspiration of the series, without losing the “kawaii” style that characterizes them.



If you like Chocotoy graphic style, then I invite you to look at his portfolio in Behance website HERE

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