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The oneiric and colorful illustrations of Carolina  Cortasso

by ImaginessArt
Cartão - costas 3

Carolina  Cortasso, is a Graphic designer and illustrator based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Carolina takes us to an oniric world, creating fantastic and extravagant characters, mixing aspects of daily life and lots of humor.

His style is colorful and cheerful. Looking at your work makes us dream of a better world.




Hello Carolina, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m graduated in Design and I draw many things since I was a little girl (not little now…quite tall).

I worked for many years in the editorial world doing the layout, art and illustrations of various educational books. 





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What is your source of inspiration for your work?

I have three main strands: dreams (yes, those that we have while we are sleeping at night, or during any other time of the day), nature, and humor. 

The dreams world was always an inspiration for me, where common things are found in crazy situations! I’m also used to dream every time I fall to sleep, even when I found myself sleeping in unsanitary places.

This whole thing happens naturally.

Now, talking about nature, it has everything I like: Plants, lifeless things we find around it, and animals! …Gosh, Animals are my passion!

I love all of them, since the prettiest/cutest ’til the ugliest. The only one that has my hatred is the freaking mosquito. Dang, mosquitoes suck!

Finally, the third strand is humor. Being funny is one of the best existent things in the world!

I always try to add my silly expressions to my characters‘ faces, and on top of that, I also like to add way sillier phrases coming out from inappropriate places.

Cartão - face 3



“Techniques and inspiration for others”


What kind of technology, technical or software do you use?

I like to spend my time working on arts & crafts since it brings me peace.

I love to paint with color pencils, watercolor, gouache (I would like to highlight that besides peace, traditional painting brings me a backache as well).

In addition, I work with digital painting with my old, beautiful, and used a tablet, which has an affair with my beloved Photoshop.



Caneca Otter Land 3


Why can your work be a source of inspiration for others?

I believe there’s a little bit of craziness inside each one of us, and not just that, but also the capacity to dream.

Hoping, I can deliver this message through my illustrations to people, making them to have fun and to be happy. 

I love making people laugh, that’s enough for me, maybe that’s why my species still need to study at the lab to understand what’s happening inside my head. Xoxo and cookies to everyone! – Carolina Cortasso-


If you want to meet me, then come to visit me and leave me a message here  and if it’s not enough, then here




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Erick 12 June 2018 - 5 h 06 min

Wow, this is God damn beautiful.

Imaginess 16 July 2018 - 21 h 25 min

Thanks Erick!


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