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Poetic, minimalist. An imaginary and dreamlike world created by sound and image. Capsaudio with its sound capsules l’Instant poët, we captured my attention on Instagram. I immediately wanted to present them to you on the blog.

Their concept quickly becomes addictive. Warm voices, sometimes strange poetic texts, but certainly catchy, background music. The result is a unique experience, a moment outside of our daily life.

Interview conducted at Pol Novo for Imaginess.

Imagination has always fascinated me. This space as large as a sky map where doubts, fantasies, fears and perversions mix. The imaginary as a way of understanding the world. It is through music that I have chosen to express and share my universe for almost 10 years.

Sound has a big impact on an image, so imagine the impact of sound on everyone’s imagination. I realized pretty quickly how vivid, cinematic approach I had to sound. Like an almost obsessive desire to find meaning with the image. Animation is a medium that lends itself very well to the imagination. The image can twist from our hands as we please, and the sound can expand and evolve into unfamiliar paths in our dreams.

Cinema opens the door to experiences. I am thinking of Norman McLaren, who with his short film “Synchromy” (1971) achieved a perfect balance between sound and image. By painting directly on the film, it presents the full range of colors and keyboard. The music does not come from any instrument, it is a real “animated sound”. It is the discovery of “Interstella 5555” that confirms the certainties about my desire to tell stories through sound.

Capsaudio, l’instant poët

The genesis of this project appears in summer 2020. Clémentine Domptail, actress – voice and DA, offers to put her voice on my text “L’eau”. The instant poët project aims to modernize poetry in order to make it accessible to all. It is the result of several encounters, of ideas spoken out loud over a beer, on a webcam, in a dream, in the shower. Through its audio capsules, we offer a marked path where the view remains at the discretion of the listener.

Victor Escobar, host and pillar of the collective, is the creator of the visual identity of Capsaudio. The bubble evokes the dream, intimately, far from the latent stress of modern society. It also takes up the idea of ​​space, planets, universes where each capsule has its own color, vision, soundscape. An original illustration of an artist accompanies each bubble offering a different vision of the work. Each work can be enjoyed on its own; together, they give birth to a modern and sparkling creation combining three arts: writing, sound and image.

We achieved a first season of 16 audio capsules produced and illustrated by various artists. And the Radio Nova broadcast in December 2020 encouraged us to embark on a second season which begins at the end of March.

My new project:

Snapshot Wall. People like you and I, made with GEN and A.I


Artistic process

Sound writing: Pol Novo

I write most of the lyrics. I am mainly inspired by what I am going through, the emotions I can feel at the time. Sometimes these are words or situations that I can hear or see on the street, in the movies. The texts come in different formats. Poems, stories and rhymes. They display different themes and emotions such as love in “Yes 1.1”, love suicide in “the sense of my tongue” or depression in “Trouble”. The stories are sometimes absurd like in “Requiem of a snail for a human” where a snail sends us its last letter. We also tested more experimental practices, notably in binaural (3D) sound with “Trouble”. At the same time, I work on the mood I want to give to the words. To do this, I listen to a playlist that is related to the emotion I want to convey.

We also receive a lot of texts from our community, I take this opportunity to thank them. When a text corresponds to the artistic direction of the instant poët and which touches the whole team, we create a capsule.

Once put on paper, I go in search of the voice that can best represent what I want. Accompanied by the Voice Artistic Director Marie Lecocq, we go to the studio to record the text and thus extract as much as possible the essence of the emotions through the interpretation.

We lay down the general idea of ​​the sound design sought to serve as direction, but its creation remains mainly on inspiration of the moment.
I collect the rushes and work from home. I use Protools for sound processing and Ableton live for music composition and sound design. For the mix: Neutron 3, Nectar 3, Renaissance plug-ins from Waves as well as Ambeo Orbit from Sennheiser, a free 3D spatialization plug-in – which I recommend. Once finished, I use Ozone 9 in postproduction. I listen to the results on my speakers, headphones, headphones and directly over the phone.

As a work tool, I have an iMac pro; a pair of Neumann kH 120a; an RMC Fireface sound card; Machinedrum / Octatrack / Analog Keys from Électron for the creative part; a DT-770 pro 250ohm headphones.

The Animation: Victor Escobar.

The animation for l’Instant Poët is simple and minimalist, we offer a skin for the posts on Instagram without diverting the original intention. The color of the background and the bubble is chosen according to the sound environment. We wanted, for the first season, to create human characters so that viewers can identify more easily.
Season 2 is intended to be more original with an emphasis on animation through future collaborations and new characters. Placing as much importance on image as on audio.

The process is classic, I start with the storyboard. He then animates image by image in Photoshop. Then, he assembles everything on After Effects and exports it with media encoder. We are using a Huion graphics tablet and an end-of-life MacBook pro.

We want to reinvent the podcast by transporting the senses of our community. Capsaudio wants to open the door to other areas and push its capsules beyond digital limits. The multidisciplinary nature of our content allows us to export our concept to other lands, through street art, exhibitions, live readings, books and much more. We see beyond a simple listening mode and want our interlocutors to have an experience that cannot be found anywhere else. A project will soon see the light of day, around animation, but I can’t say more. The podcast is the seed, Capsaudio will be the tree!


– Pol Novo, auteur, ingénieur du son et fondateur de Capsaudio

– Victor Escobar, Animateur.

– Marie Lecocq, Directrice artistique voix.

– Cyrine Klouz, Responsable marketing & Capsart.

– Josepha Coste, Responsable communication.

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