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Bartosz Kosowski creates his illustrations in the traditional wayhand-drawn drawings only in the last step are sent to computer processing (Wacom and PS), where colors are applied and individual elements of the image are composed. His work is characterized by a perfect design, where every line seems to be part of a grand plan in which nothing has been left to chance.

Kosowski is a graphic designer and English philologist has been cooperating for years with prestigious periodicals from all over the world, including The New YorkerThe New Republic, and Perspective.

His accomplishments are mainly focused on portraits and editorial illustration.

His works have been shown in the most important publications regarding the global illustrators’ environment: Illustration Now! Vol.4 (published by Taschen) and 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 2011/2012 (published by Lürzer’s Archive). He also won the Associazione Culturale Good Design competition (2008) and is a finalist for the European Design Awards (2012) and the New York Festivals Awards (2013).

You make hand-drawn illustrations mixed with photoshop techniques. Can you share with us some tips on how to make a good sketch?

It is really important to start taking drawing classes. It will help you understand how the human body works.

You must remember that every object – not just a chair or an umbrella but also a hand or a face – is just a combination of different shapes that form a whole. If you remember and make sure you have the right proportions, you are halfway there. The other half is the practice. If you want to improve, you have to draw everyday.

We work together

Game of Thrones portraits created before the new season premiere
Game of Thrones portraits created before the new season premiere
Bartosz Kosowski-Crimson Peak

« Lolita » And Inspiration… *

The use of someone else’s idea, or even someone else’s names, with the original content of a new work is not yet someone else’s work but an original work.

Stanley Kubrick‘s 1962 film was a stimulus for the creation of Kosowski’s award-winning work.

The inspired work contains no creative element of someone else’s work, only unprotected elements, for example, features characteristic of a specific style.

The work is inspired by independent work and its creator has full copyright and can freely dispose of it.

The most important feature of inspired work is self-esteem. It results from the fact that the creative elements of another work have not been taken to create inspired work. The performance of copyright in an inspired work is not subject to the permission of the creator of the inspiring work.

Everyday objects that surround you, musical works, paintings, even your favorite models of shoes or dresses have been created under the influence (more or less conscious) of inspiration of other works or pieces.

The inspiration for the musicians will be the sounds of nature or the buzz of a big city, the inspiration for the designers will be clothes recalled from black and white movies or photographs found by chance somewhere in the attic. No artistic work is created in a cultural vacuum, and even the most original artwork will always contain elements drawn from earlier works of art and culture. Also, your work will be the sum of your memories, associations, experiences, and images of the past.

*Excerpt from an interview given by Bartosz Kosowski at MAGDALENA MIERNIK – FEBRUARY 8, 2015

Lolita poster by Bartosz Kosowski

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