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Aqualoopa is an illustrator, designer, and painter. He is a “Matador” of fluid lines and shapes, a lucky man who lives on his passions and a hunter of imaginary beings.

My inspirations come from a variety of sources, such as cartoon animations, urban art and the art of Picasso. I am interested in motion graphic and street art activities.

I am a member of the Polish Digital Graphics Group, a musician and a co-founder of Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra.

My visual language is composed of vibrant colors and fluid shapes and combined with urban aesthetics.

So far I’ve had several individual exhibitions in Poland.

My notable projects have included designs for Levis’, Facebook, Absolut Vodka and Greenpeace.

I work closely with a number of local brands producing covers and posters and I have collaborated with various studios from foreign countries, including Brasil, South Korea, Canada and the US.

Currently, I run my own design and illustration practice in my hometown, Warsaw. I focus on corporate illustration, wall design and clothes prints.


Source of inspiration in my work

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated by cartoons and animations by Cartoon Network: The Powerpuff Girls, Cow and Chicken, Samurai Jack and Dexter’s Laboratory.

I was also inspired by the works of Pablo Picasso and Japanese art: calligraphy painting and washing of ink.

When I was a teenager, I took up playing the drums: congas and bongos.  I’ve played in various bands and as time went by, I turned it into my job.

My interest in Cuban music has greatly influenced my art and style. My visual creations are strongly inspired by the colors, the rhythm, the atmosphere of the concerts and the CDs, and all the emotions that I experienced on stage, in the studios and in the rehearsal rooms.

I have always liked to doodle, cover the sheet with figures and characters in strange worlds.

Graffiti and street art were taking it to the next level. I think in walls, as a medium and I free my creative potential.

Privately I am rather introverted, while the art I make is definitely extrovert, colorful, dancing and flashy.


My techniques…

I use both traditional and digital techniques and I often combine them. I transfer my sketches from paper to the computer, where I process them digitally.

When it comes to digital techniques, I like vectors that I make in Illustrator. Sometimes I add a bit of a manual look to them using Photoshop brushes.

When I make animations, I work mainly with Animate and After Effects.

In my work, I like to reach into the unconscious, trust it and let myself go with its flow.

Seldom have an idea when I sit down to work, and for me, this is the best start for creation.

I begin to doodle and after a while, some interesting shapes appear. This is the hatching phase, what comes next is the laborious work, putting the material in order, redrawing, etc.

When I work on graphics for large surfaces, I do it either spontaneously directly on the wall or I sketch them with a pencil on paper. Then, I refine the form on the computer to make it ready to be transposed on the wall.

People who ask me to do my art on their walls often want to see a project before I paint. Luckily, not everyone wants to control my creative process.

aqualoopa_woman_and_fish aqualoopa_warsaw

I provide the viewers with the vivacity of perception…

The way people perceive my works is of great interest to me. 

A clothing line that used my designs enjoys much popularity. My art is easily approachable, even though sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what my pictures show.

The viewers are often inspired by ambiguities and omissions. The lines and shapes melt in my works; the characters fuse together and become someone new.

This provokes some kind of creative anxiety in the viewers and doesn’t allow them to get used to the paintings.

In Gestalt psychology, such incompletion of experience is called unclosed gestalt. By leaving my shapes and forms unclosed, I provide the viewers with the vivacity of perception.

My viewers are mostly young people. Some of them focus on the details or characters, others by the patterns that can be found in each composition.

What moves them in my works is the fusion between pop culture aesthetics and art.


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