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Antinatura by David Zuker, an personal artistic project

by ImaginessArt
Antunatura, David Zuker.

David Zuker is a freelance designer who lives in Madrid. He presents his work to us “Antinatura”, an artistic project that portrays the catastrophic drift that ravages the planet.




Antinatura, makes us aware that our nature is in danger…


What is your source of inspiration for this artwork?

I got inspiration from the past and the present. 

From the past: I got inspired by sci-fi comics for adults such as 1984, Totem… they usually portrayed dystopic futures where nature was destroyed by industrialization and technology.

From the present: I can’t name a specific one but I got inspired by the current generation of photo manipulation artists that are re-imagining collage in a new way.


What kind of technology, technical or software used for this project? 

Photoshop, photo manipulation.


Why did you create this artwork? Reason for creating this work?

I wanted to protest against the current extreme industrialization and contamination by portraying how it’s torturing the fauna and nature.

I tried to express extreme pain and lack of hope to translate their suffering to the viewer, aiming to make an impact and to provoke a reaction from the public.


Why can this artwork be a source of inspiration for others?

I would say they could inspire others because of how I look at the subject (how nature is being destroyed) in a painful and merciless way and the technic I used: a clean black and white style that represents pain and dark sensations in a modern way, creating a contrast that magnifies the impact.


If you like David’s work, tell him on his website, he’ll be happy to know.

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