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Well-placed shadows, a play of light and a well-calculated staging, Anthony Abrieux is a sculptor of light. The French photographer uses light to define shapes and sublimate them.

He tells us about his journey in the world of photography, his way of working with light and his recent discovery and exploration of the potential of NFTs.

Lighting designer.

To show a coherent reality, my reality, I design photons then I tear them out and arrange them

I ran into a theater when I was young, and it was the start of most of my passions today.

I then discovered how imagination is turned into reality, and reality into a dream, I remember I was stunned by the beauty of light on stage and the way one can create from mere blackout a myriad of emotions through colors, spectrums, lamps, effects, filters, and all these technical and artistic things you keep hidden from the audience to make a surprise, to make stories, to make magic. Lighting design is the most technical of artistic jobs, or the most artistic of technical jobs, depending on the way you look at it.

I made a career of it as a lighting designer, toured a lot and also set many worldwide companies in French theaters. I mostly worked in opera, baroque, theater, dance, but also contemporary circus, marionettes, music, of course, festivals… 

Only with this knowledge acquired I felt I had to design my world and create even more. I naturally chose photography as the medium, the way to convey the dream to the art piece, but could have been a painter, a graphic designer as well… What these humans do sometimes is so inspiring, so spine-tingling… Only, I am passionate about working with a model, human or not, creating light and shoot it. My work is 50% IRL and 50% numerical. 

I wish every work of art I design a long and beautiful life, and that is why I chose NFT as soon as I realized the potential and the revolution it represents.

Owning the token gives the possibility of displaying it in virtual exhibitions, games, or augmented reality, or – since it was also designed for this reason – it can be printed and framed as a work of art. traditional art or directly on a wall, or through a projector… and much more.

I priced based on size so anyone could afford my artwork, owners could also create huge artwork (1200mm x 800mm for a 7/30). The owner is part of the creation process, I love the idea and the fact that each piece of art fills its own life. The majority of people don’t quite grasp it yet, but in the not-so-distant future the range of possibilities could appear to a lot of creative guys and girls (and anyone in between or outside of these two. categories).

I consider myself a realist when we talk about aesthetics, and intellectual or dreamers when we talk about the rest.

I am contrasted, I don’t know my fathers and my mothers.I am contrasted, my influences are: I guess they are: Caravage, David Lynch, De La Tour, Bouguereau, Yourcenar, Raul Ruiz, Gisele Halimi, Rembrandt, Cronenberg, Bach, Duras, Rachmaninov, Monroe… how could I name all of them? Like all these giants, whose shoulders I am standing on, I am giving a vision, something delicate or raw, odd, personal, something one can feel about, display, fall in love, and cherish. 

I have so many creations and evolution plans for the future, that I am afraid of time. 

Interview for imaginess.art

What is the source of inspiration for your work?

I am inspired by photons, by emotion, and improvisation. Really. I’ve been passionate by these themes and I read all I could, for years, to understand how it works. I learned a lot. And I still don’t fully understand 😉 I am inspired by the future, the will to create, to fight against entropy. Life. I need to understand why what is beautiful is beautiful. 

What kind of technology, technique and software do you use?

I send photons with LED panels and spotlights, traditional halogen lamps, HMI or MSR sometimes… or the sun. I take with Fuji captors and lenses. Lightroom for the raw. 

How long have you been a digital artist?

Well, I started a long time ago as an artist, but I guess the answer you want is 2019.

How long have you known about NFTs?

I don’t know, 12 to 18 months… 

What is your motivation for selling your work on an NFT sales platform? (name the platform)

I sell my works on OpenSea. For now. My motivation? Well, on the paper, its worldwide and fast and easy and secure. Currency transfer is in a blockchain, which also simplifies and guarantees the authentication process. So many reasons. Token is in your wallet. You buy, you sell, let’s be humble. 

And as I said earlier, it also includes the token owner in the creation process. Owners might as well contact me so we work together on a particular project, or just for advice about framing, lighting. You may read more on my website about project accompaniment. 

Why did you choose this platform? Do you use others?

I chose the platform for no other reason than security and the fact it is famous. It looked pro to me, I had a good feeling.

Can you explain to us how online sales work on this type of website? What did you earn as an artist?

You set a price, or a sliding scale, or an auction. You create an NFT, people trade it.Different currencies, even stable coins. 

In France photographers have to choose between two options when they start their business: artisan or author. Traditional enterprise or artistic, freelance. I am not saying artisans are not artists, but they technically sell products without any legal limitation, which causes a decrease of value due to the lack of uniqueness or scarcity. 

I chose freelance and my works are legally art pieces since I am limited to 30 copies which create their value, just like bitcoins are limited in number of tokens. You may read more on my website. I get money from IRL sells, copyright assignment as well as NFT sells.

Why do you think your work can inspire others?

Art is a source of inspiration. My work or anyone’s. Architecture, literature. Painting, musical pieces, movie directors… The beauty is in the eye of the beholder 😉

Follow Anthony on Instagram and you can visit his website.


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