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ART-ADS, Advertising in Imaginess

by ImaginessArt
ART-ADS, Advertising in Imaginess

Advertising at IMAGINESS is a matter of art…


«  ART- ADS » Advertising in IMAGINESS.

IMAGINESS is the only website that offers artists, studios and all those related to digital art to present their work from an artistic point of view.

In addition to allowing digital artists to present their artistic proposals, IMAGINESS develops a concept called “ART- ADS” or “Artistic Advertising”.

Advertising in IMAGINESS is still a matter of art. We do not publish advertising banners or invasive ads for the respect of our artists and our clients.

This is how the concept of «ART ADS» was born. ART ADS is a way to present advertising in a non-invasive way and at the same time, it highlights artistic work (artistic concept, work tools, inspiration, etc.).

This way of presenting your advertising cannot be blocked by the “ads blocks” and visitors to the website will have an interest in knowing the product, and even share it on social networks of their own volition.

Advertising should follow our editorial line, illustrations, photos or videos of the sublimated product.

Your advertising must also have a “storytelling”, this allows the visitor of our website to know the history and conception of your advertising.

Your advertising will be presented as an article on our website, in a rubric on the main menu called ART ADS. Our visitors must be aware that they will see an advertisement.

I’m interested ! and how it works?

You must contact Imaginess by email

What should I send?

1. You can present your advertising in the form of a video, illustration (3D or 2D) or photo.

2. You must send in addition a “storytelling”, about the artistic conception, the inspiration and the tools used for the realization of your advertising.

What are the advantages of creating an ART ADS?

1. It will not be blocked by any advertising blocker since it is not a banner, nor a popup.

2. Each visitor to the website will be aware that it is an advertisement, but will have a particular interest to see it since it is at the same time an artistic work. Your product will be truly appreciated and each visitor is a potential customer.

3. Imaginess is committed to spread it on social networks (Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook). Each visitor can also share it on their social networks, which offers strong viral potential.

4. Your advertising will be indefinitely on our website. This allows: To be shared in social networks, virality.

5. Your advertising will be referenced (SEO) in the search engines, because it is an article on our website. This is very useful if you are an agency or a studio, even if you are a product, your brand will have an important incoming link.

6. Your brand or product will be perceived as an artistic work, and the work of those who contributed to its creation will be valued. This will ensure that digital art is perceived as an art and its dissemination to a large public.


** Contact us by e-mail to know the prices and payment method.**





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