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Discover the Gifs of Adrien Ghenassia, simple and colorful shapes

by ImaginessArt

Adrien Ghenassia is a French illustrator and animator based in Paris.

The mixture of colors and simple shapes is rather representative of its aesthetics.

He represents the world with simple shapes and much more colorful than in reality.

He still uses pencils for some sketches, but he works mostly with digital tools such as Illustrator and After Effects. This allows him to draw and give movement to simple creations.

It adds to these two programs, a graphics tablet to complete the scenes with small details made with Photoshop.





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I am most often inspired by all that surrounds me every day, plants, pots, people.

I’m obsessed with design objects, so I’m looking for new things to inspire me. A chair could inspire me, for example.

I also have a lot of children’s books, I like the way stories are told through very few elements.

I like the books of Paul Rand, Saul Bass, Bruno Munari.

Art, in general, is a source of inspiration and many illustrators inspire me on a daily basis.

Every day, I try to create, according to my mood and my inspiration of the moment, what pushes me to find ways to animate what I draw.

I share daily simple activities that could very well be supervised, which I would do soon for everyone who appreciates my work.




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