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Tony Skeor, Concept Artist in Video Game”My Eyes On You”

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Tony Skeor is a concept artist based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Currently working on ‘My Eyes On You’ action-adventure video game project at Storymind Entertainment as art director.




Discovery of this young Ukrainian digital artist, co-founder of Storymind Entertainment.

He tells us about his sources of inspiration, his technique and his work as a source of inspiration for others artists.



Source of Inspiration


 I am always inspired by the works of many great digital artists I follow.


I like to discover their ways of working process and try to learn from it by adding my own techniques and approach.


My visual style is mostly inspired by classic cyberpunk and neo-noir movies, nightlife in big cities, industrial places, atmospheric music.


I combine these things in my head to create artworks from my heart.

I would separate my portfolio into two parts. The first one is concept art for the universe of the game “My Eyes On You” that is still in development by our studio Storymind Entertainment.


In this universe, we focus on alternative Chicago which was completely taken by Italian Carnival culture and tourism.


The second part is my personal artworks I create in my free time.


I am currently developing my own cyberpunk universe focused in one city or area, so there’s more to come. 



Tony’s Technics



I often use a combination of 2-3 different techniques, mostly 3d blocking, photo-bashing and painting.


I like the things to look real but with the painterly look and how much awesome stuff can be done by combining these 3 methods.


I often use 3D Coat for blocking and Photoshop for painting. 





My work for others



People say they like my works because they bring them to the different world covered by vibrant colors, neon lights, and futuristic cities. So I guess that’s it.


I would be very happy to know that some artists make awesome stuff inspired by what they’ve seen in my works.


I think that’s what is really awesome about today’s digital art world – inspiring each other to create amazing pieces of art!



Tony Skeor website


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