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Photomosaic artworks inspired from Russia 2018 by Charis Tsevis

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A series of photomosaic artworks inspired from the upcoming Russia 2018 FIFA world cup by Charis Tsevis. Based on the traditional Russian quilting patchworks and on ancient Cyrillic calligraphy. 


Russian patchwork or quilting is an art with deep roots in the Russian society. It’s a folk art as well as a real art form with great artists contributing to it. I decided to experiment with this art form creating a series of portraits of great soccer players. I wanted to combine traditional approaches with more contemporary ideas. Charis Tsevis



Charis Tsevis is a Greek visual designer. He studied in Athens and Milan and he’s now living in Paphos, Cyprus. 


His client list includes lots of Fortune 500 corporations and some of the most important media. 


He is a visiting professor at AKTO College and he is writing often articles about design, aesthetics, and history of informatics. 


His work has been exhibited in galleries and museum in Barcelona, San Jose, and Athens and is part of private collections around the world.


Charis Tsevis spoke to us in an interview, about his work in honor of the next Russia 2018 FIFA world cup, his source of inspiration, his photomosaic technique …




What is your source of inspiration for Russia 2018?


My whole work is inspired by traditional art. So, is this project, which is obviously based on my studies on Russian folk arts


I love “diving” into the ethnic heritage of countries and nations and find the gems from the past that have passed the test of time and can be significant for today’s lifestyle. In this particular case, I have studied the Russian quilts and the fabric patchworks that are a century old tradition in Russia but also in other Eastern European or Asian countries.


Another important element in this series of mosaics is the traditional Cyrillic calligraphy which I really admire. I was extremely lucky to have collaborated with Vera Konstanta, who created these compositions for the project.


Of course, I wanted to combine the art of quilting with the visual language of football. This is how I have created this series of mosaic portraits of famous football players created by thousands of pieces of fabrics.


All your work is very original and very visual, what kind of technology, technical or software have you used for your artwork Russia 2018?


I have used my own developed scripts and hacks in Synthetik Studio Artist, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.


Why did you create Russia 2018? Reason for creating this artwork.


It’s a work created to honor the upcoming Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup. I always love to find a way to explore a country’s visual heritage and combine it with the big sports events like the Olympiads or the Soccer World Cups.


Why can this artwork be a source of inspiration for others?


I believe this is a question that maybe others should answer. I would just say that: “traditional art can be a great source of inspiration for every creative person”. So I would encourage all artist to see what they can learn from it.



More info about the project:  


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