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Chris Aguirre, Puss in Boots in DreamWorks Studios

by Imaginess

Chris Aguirre is a successful Art Director and Visual Development Artist at Dreamworks Studios.



Prior to working in animation, Chris Aguirre worked in many creative fields such as Political Cartoonist for The El Paso Times, Graphic Artist for Advertising Agency, Interior Store Designer, Fashion Illustrator, Stage Designer, Texas Pageant and last but not least, Western Boot Designer for Tony Lama Co.


His first major Studio job was on no less than on Steven Spielberg’s  “Tiny Toon Adventures”. Over the course of his 20 years in the industry, Aguirre was Art Director and developed various television and featured productions for DreamWorks, Disney, PDI, Warner Bros, Feature Animation, Ardman Animation, Hanna Barbera, and Universal Studios.


As Character Designer, one of the memorable characters Aguirre created is “Puss in Boots” for DreamWorks blockbuster “Shrek 2”, but his long list of contributions include work on “Shrek”, Space Jam, Back in Action, Animaniacs, Space Chimps, Toy Story 3, Baldo, Tak and the power of JuJu, Super Hero Squad, and Tom and Jerry specials.

Aguirre has also taught Character Design at renowned CalArts campus.


My job of Visual Developer Artist and “Puss in Boots character”…





Puss in Boots character by Chris Aguirre for DreamWorks Studios

Puss in Boots 3d character





Chris Aguirre has given us an exclusive interview for IMAGINESS, despite his multiple occupations, where he talks about his work at the DreamWorks Studios and about the development of his “Puss in Boots” character.



What does an Art Director and Visual Development Artist do? Is it a job that is done internally?

The Art Director job is to over look at everything color in backgrounds, layouts, characters, to keep track of everything quality in general, you also have solid communication with your team of artists, that everyone has a clear understanding of the style, it’s a job that mostly done internally.


The job of a Visual Development Artist is to work with the Directors and Art Directors to come up with new concepts based on the script it can be characters and backgrounds designs all in rough form.



What was the inspiration to develop ‘Puss in Boots’ character?

The inspiration for “Puss in Boots” … I had to look at films of Antonio Banderas just to study his expressions and characteristics to capture the personality and of course lot of reference on cats! photos, anatomy, fur types… some people even brought some cats … but they could never keep still! 😆



Draw traditionally and then go digital?

Yes, I strongly recommend to draw traditionally … then go digital!  But I also go back to the old ways once in a while just to not lose that also.



What is your most recent job? 

Currently, I’m working at Dreamworks Studios as a Visual Development Artist on “Trolls” for NetFlix.



Animated films are increasingly realistic, studies develop their own programs to achieve this realism?

Not sure about this… 🙄 



All those animated films with special effects inspire vocations … Do you think being a digital artist is a job that has a future?

Yes! Artists will always be needed regardless of technology ……You will always need “IMAGINATION”!  😉 




If you want to get in touch with Chris Aguirre, contact us at IMAGINESS and we will get your message. 


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